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EdgeryDoo® 002FK
Flannel, Cotton, Linen
Crochet with Thread or Light Yarn
The EdgeryDoo®002F is a template designed specifically for trimming and piercing flannel, cotton, linen, etc.  It has been designed for those who prefer to use thread or fingering/sport weight yarns to crochet a decorative edge and is 12" x 6" in size.  The holes are 1/4" apart and 1/4" from the edge.  Our "testers" have crocheted edgings onto flannel for receiving blankets, onto cotton handkerchiefs and onto cotton pillowcases.  The Kit comes with the 002F Template, the Piercing Tool Kit and the Instruction Manual.
Picture 6502 (600 x 450)
Photo Shoot 005 (600 x 434)
Patented #7647707
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