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Picture 447word2a (600 x 450)
Picture 451word2a (600 x 450)
Picture 475word2a (600 x 450)
Picture 484words (600 x 450)
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Page 20 (600 x 450)
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Note:  Each square template is undersized 1/4-inch so that after you have crocheted the foundation row, you have a 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14-inch square. 
Fabric is folded into 4 layers - Trim and Pierce all 4 layers at the same time!
A Susan Bates 2.75mm C-2 hook works best for the foundation row on fleece.

EdgeryDoo² (squares)
For the EdgeryDoo® 002F you will want to use a Susan Bates 1.75mm hook or smaller depending on the fabric and thread that you plan to use for your project.
Patented #7647707