EdgeryDoo  Patterns
Created by
Caroline in CA
1.  Using the EdgeryDoo² 12-Inch Template, cut a 12-inch square and pierce the holes.

--  Or if you want a smaller holder, line up the holes that you want to use until you get to the desired size and trim off excess.

2.  3-1/2" from the bottom of the holder, pierce another row of holes across the entire width.

3.  Chain across as shown.

4.  Single crochet, chain 1 around the entire square and in the corners do SC, CH1, SC.

5. Fold the bottom up 6 holes.

6.  Start SC, CH1 in the bottom right corner.  Change colors if desired.

7.  SC through front fabric (back loop) and back fabric (front loop)

8.  Add ties - chain 8".
Hook Holder





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