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Onesie Dress
Pick a onesie to use – but don’t wash it. The one I used had a horizontal pattern, and that made it easier to place the holes. Find the point where you want the skirt to begin, and make a double set of holes. I used the sleeves as a guide to find the waist. Then turn the onesie so that the bottom is up and crochet a starting edge through the two holes. When you’ve got that, turn it inside out and put fray-check on the cloth holes. Once you have the starting edge, you can put any skirt you want. I chose a shell pattern, but you could do anything. Remember to keep the bottom up, so that the top of the crochet will be facing out. Keep in mind that the bottom of the onesie is where the legs will begin, so you’ll need to judge your skirt length by that. When you’ve finished your outfit and woven in the ends, wash it in warm. Most onesies are cotton, so it will shrink a little in the dryer. When you take it out of the dryer, put some more fray-check on the cloth holes just as a precaution.
I recommend putting the holes about ˝ an inch apart in the garment. I also sent a bottle of fray-check to the recipient’s parents so that they can reapply after each washing. This may not be necessary – but I thought it was better to be safe than sorry. It may be overkill, though - fray-check usually lasts a long time.
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