EdgeryDoo²  Pattern
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12-Inch EdgeryDoo² Template
3/4 yard each - sport fleece and solid blue fleece (60" wide). 
8 oz. Blue Yarn (I used "I Love This Yarn")
4 oz. Yellow Yarn ("I Love This Yarn")
Size 2.75mm and 4.00 Susan Bates crochet hooks

Trim selvage from both sides of the fleece.  Cut each piece in half so that you have four pieces that are approx. 30"x27".  Take one square and fold it in half and then in half again so that you have four layers (two edges are folded and two edges are raw).  Using the 12-inch EdgeryDoo template, place it so that two edges of the template are square with the two folded edges.  Using a rotary cutter, trim the two raw edges.  Then pierce the two raw edges.  You are now ready to crochet. 

For each prepared square:
Foundation Round:  Begin in any corner using the 2.75mm hook.  Join with a slip stitch into any corner hole, ch2, long sc also in the corner hole.  ch 2, *long sc in next hole, ch 2*; repeat * to * across to next corner.  Long sc, ch2, long sc in corner hole, ch2, then repeat * to *  to next corner.  Repeat around.  Join with sl to first sc in first corner hole.  Chain 1.

Round 1
:  Change to 4.00mm hook.  Sc, ch 1, sc in corner ch2 sp.  Sc in next sc.  Work *sc in ch 2 sp, sc in next sc, sc in ch 2 sp* across.  sc in 1st sc in corner sp.  sc, ch, sc in corner ch 2 sp.  Sc in next sc.  Repeat * to * and corner (sc, ch sc) around.  Join with sl st to first sc.  Chain 3.

Round 2
:  **Dc, ch 1, dc in corner ch sp.     *ch, sk next sc, dc in next sc* repeat * to * across.  **  then repeat ** to ** around.  Join with sl st to first dc.  Finish off.  Join squares using your favorite method for joining.