EdgeryDoo²  Pattern
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12-Inch EdgeryDoo² Template
The amount of fleece required depends on the pattern repeat. 
Fleece to make 6 12-inch squares of pattern printed fleece
Fleece to make 6 12-inch squares of matching solid fleece
Fleece to make 4 12-inch squares each of alternate solid fleece
7 oz. Caron Simply Soft Turquoise Yarn
7 ozs. Caron Simply Soft White Yarn
Size 2.75mm and 4.00mm Susan Bates crochet hooks
Finished size is 51 inches x 51 inches

For every squares:
Foundation Round:  Begin in any corner using the 2.75mm hook.
Attach yarn to any corner hole with a sl st.  Chain 3 (counts as first sc and ch2) long sc in same corner hole.  *Ch2, long sc in next hole, ch 2*; repeat * to * across to next corner.  Long sc, ch2, long sc in corner hole.  Repeat around.
Round 1:  Change to 4.00mm hook and sl st into beginning ch.  Chain 3.  Hdc into other side of corner stitch. Work *hdc in ch 2 sp, hdc in next sc, hdc in ch 2 sp* across.  Work hdc, ch, hdc in corner ch 2 sp. 
Repeat * to * and corner (hdc, ch hdc) around.  Join with sl st and finish off.

Join all of the 12-inch squares using your favorite joining method.  It is recommended that you strengthen joining stitches at the corner intersections of each square by adding an additional stitch.

Finishing Round:  hdc in each hdc around doing (hdc, ch1, hdc) in each corner.  Finish off.