EdgeryDoo²  Pattern
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8-Inch EdgeryDoo² Template
Enough fleece to make 4 squares of each color
Enough fleece to make a 27"x27" center piece (will vary depending on yarn
   and how tight or loose you crochet).  Do not cut this piece until you have put the
   outside together.  
12ozs. Caron Simply Soft yarn - 16 6" lengths for holding center in place
Size 2.75mm and 4.00 Susan Bates crochet hooks

Using the EdgeryDoo Template, a rotary cutter and cutting mat, trim all of the 8" squares.  Do not trim the center piece until you have put the outside squares together and can measure exactly what size it should be. Move squares to a Piercing Pad and using the template, pierce the holes (two layers at a time)

For every 8-inch square:
Foundation Round:  Begin in any corner using the 2.75mm hook.  **long sc, ch 2, long sc in the corner hole, ch 2, (long sc in next hole, ch 2)  **; repeat ( to ) across then repeat ** to ** around.  Join with sl st to first sc in corner sp.

Round 1:  Change to 4.00mm hook.  Ch 1.  ** sc, ch1, sc in corner ch2 sp.  Sc in next sc.  Work (sc in next ch sp, sc in next sc) across.  sc in first sc of corner.**   Repeat ** to ** .  Join with sl st.

Round 2
:  ch3 (equals hdc, ch2) hdc in the corner ch sp.  **  (ch1, sk next sc sp, hdc in next sc) repeat ( to ) across.  **(ch1, hdc, ch2, hdc) in next corner ch sp, repeat ( to )  **  then repeat ** to ** around.  Join with sl st.  Finish off.

Join all of the 8-inch squares to form the outside frame using your favorite method.  Measure the inside and cut your inside square remembering to subtract the measurement that your crocheting will take.  Your crocheting will be the same as it is on the 8-inch squares.  Crochet the Foundation Row, Round 1 and Round 2 all the way around the center square.

With right sides facing, use the 16 8-inch lengths of yarn to place and hold the center square.  Join the center square.  

Revised 1/5/09